Once upon a time we did these videos for the good people at Once Upon A Grime, they called them ‘freestyles’ but they’re actually just verses. The videos were shot at the offices for King Apparel who took their clothes back after the shoot. #thuglife

Next DDF Band performance… Camden Live

For those of you Londoners who expressed your sadness at missing our live band return gig in Colchester, fear not, we will be performing with the band again on the 25th February in Camden Town. Dunno what time time we’ll be on but come down to Camden Rock, 18 Kentish Town Rd to shake a leg with your friendly neighborhood DefDFires…

DDF Live Band Tears Up Age Of Aquarius

Friday the 10th saw us smashing out our first gig with the band in sometime, heading out to Colchester to play Skank Sabbath: The Age Of Aquarius. The event was to celebrate the birthday of our boy Rev Will Wright (the director of The Palace video). Safe to say the show was a success, along with stellar performances from Greg Blackman and Seeds-One MCing for the Rev’s set which had us shacking until we could shack no more.

Many thanks to all involved and watch this space for future Skank Sabbath events.