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An O:ZN mailout pack, including CD, T-Shirt, stickers, survival kit and a copy of The Evening Slander.

O:ZN, our second LP, was revealed to the world on 24/10/11 via Emerging Species. In the wake of the album dropping we thought we’d give you a whistle stop tour of the promotional campaign behind the release. Aside from the usual run of promo videos, singles, photo-shoots etc, we wanted go a step further and try and make the experience as immersive as possible – it seemed only right when dealing with a concept album.

The heart of the campaign is, a site dedicated to the world we created around the album, this acted as a central hub for all the various promotional mediums we employed (as well as our ‘only means of communication’ whilst we were trapped in the depths of The Cabin). If you want to fully explore the process of the campaign that’s the best place to look (start from the oldest post if you really wanna nerd out), in the meantime the next few posts will briefly cover some of the ideas and techniques that were used.