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In 2012 Elian Gray produced 3 Mile Radius, an EP for spoken word artist and long term DDF friend Talia Randall. While the EP dropped in 2012 a video for one of the tracks, Common Room, was released this year and features work from 13 animators all using different styles and techniques, the video has had a tonne of shares and support and as a result has gone viral – many thanks to all those who shared! 3 Mile Radius is available for purchase from Emerging Species.

Freestyle Chypher on EMSP Radio

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Bill and Elian joined Edward Scissortongue, Lucid Mover, DJ Seed, DJ Jazzmen and Talia Randall for the Emerging Species RadioWordplay Special‘, a discussion, listen back and freestyle cypher based around hip hop and rapping. For impatient heads the cypher kicks off about 52 minutes in.