Freestyle Chypher on EMSP Radio

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Bill and Elian joined Edward Scissortongue, Lucid Mover, DJ Seed, DJ Jazzmen and Talia Randall for the Emerging Species RadioWordplay Special‘, a discussion, listen back and freestyle cypher based around hip hop and rapping. For impatient heads the cypher kicks off about 52 minutes in.


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The man Sofa King of the Think Zebra crew has dropped a new release An Audience With The King, which features Daggs on one side and our boy Lucid Mover on the other. Give it a listen if chunky beats and deadly bars are your thing, it’s available as a name-your-price download from the Think Zebra bandcamp page.


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Because of the crackin time we had over the fireworks weekend and at Hoochinoo, we decided to put out the second video from “O:ZN” – “Survival Guide”. The video was shot at Brighton’s “Beach of the Dead” Zombie march 2010 by Joe Conner and additional footage by Mike Massaro.

Bill Daggs.


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In August 2011, “Being Watched” got a brand spanking new video, so we got some remixes together from various producers in the fam, re-packaged it with some fantastic new artwork from Nottingham’s own Rikki Marr and put it on bandcamp as a free download (which includes the video in the download package).

The video was shot and directed by Christian West, and features Undali’s Cuntstubble Laggins, Wyt Fang and our boy Kai Owens.

Marz – Sax, Drugs & on the Dole

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In July 2011 Marz (of Brighton Hip Hop collective Scribe Tribe) dropped his debut LP – “Sax, Drugs & on the Dole”. It’s a dope Boombap Brighton Hip Hop LP and features our very own Bill Daggs on the track “Taught You To Kiss”. The LP is free to download from Zram Records bandcamp page, so don’t sleep.

Twitter: @MarzScribeTribe