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Wow… Bat Country… This August we were lucky enough to play at a secret little festival called Bat Country, the feisty was put on by our good friends Emerging Species and featured a whole host of live music acts, comedy, poetry, sushi etc. It was one of those magical weekends and we hope the festy will continue next year. It was a real pleasure to play alongside great UKHH acts such as Dead Players and Ed Scissortongue as well the man Eric Electric who stepped to the decks for our set. Massive love to all the faces we caught up with and of course to Emerging Species for putting on a great event.


DDF Live Band Tears Up Age Of Aquarius

Events, Live

Friday the 10th saw us smashing out our first gig with the band in sometime, heading out to Colchester to play Skank Sabbath: The Age Of Aquarius. The event was to celebrate the birthday of our boy Rev Will Wright (the director of The Palace video). Safe to say the show was a success, along with stellar performances from Greg Blackman and Seeds-One MCing for the Rev’s set which had us shacking until we could shack no more.

Many thanks to all involved and watch this space for future Skank Sabbath events.