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Because of the crackin time we had over the fireworks weekend and at Hoochinoo, we decided to put out the second video from “O:ZN” – “Survival Guide”. The video was shot at Brighton’s “Beach of the Dead” Zombie march 2010 by Joe Conner and additional footage by Mike Massaro.

Bill Daggs.

Survival Guide Video Shoot

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Last Halloween we went down to Brighton’s ‘Beach of the Dead’ zombie walk to film a video for ‘Survival Guide’. Our good friend Dan-DNA came up with the idea of capturing some footage of us clowning around amidst thousands of zombies, so we got our make up out, made some blood packs, obtained a chainsaw and hoped on the train down to Brighton. We took along the very talented Joe Conner to shoot and direct, and our resident zombie expert Kai Owens. We also had Mike Massaro on hand to catch some extra footage as well as some (more) great photos of the zombified DDF.

Watch out for the video dropping soon…

Mike Massaro Captures LDN Zombie Outbreak

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In 2010 DDF discovered the joy of world zombie day, a wonderful occasion for zombie enthusiasts worldwide. The traditional celebration for this holiday is to take to the streets with hundreds of other zombies and get pissed, and that’s exactly what we did. We took our good friend Mike Massaro along for the ride and he got some great snaps of us in all our undead glory, sexy.

Mike, Camera, Action!

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People often say to us:

“Hey DefDFires, your photos are so cool, ones where you’re eating cakes and that, and painting your faces. How do you do it?”

And we say:

Mike Massaro

Mike is a freelance photographer and old school friend of ours (literally), he has been snapping for almost as long as I can remember, is a member of the band formerly known as Mammoth Fortress, and has arranged exhibitions and events for the elusiveLefto collective.  After many dedicated years of photographing underground gigs and festivals Mike developed a keen eye for capturing live bands (if you’re performing I strongly recommend you check the ‘music performance’ section of his website – link below), as well as creative promotional shots. He shoots far more than just music, and of late the inevitable has occurred and Mike’s phone has been blowing up with requests for all sorts of jobs. Mike is available for parties, weddings, tea and cakes, warehouse raves, promo shots, road trips and much more…

Check him out at: