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Because of the crackin time we had over the fireworks weekend and at Hoochinoo, we decided to put out the second video from “O:ZN” – “Survival Guide”. The video was shot at Brighton’s “Beach of the Dead” Zombie march 2010 by Joe Conner and additional footage by Mike Massaro.

Bill Daggs.


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In August 2011, “Being Watched” got a brand spanking new video, so we got some remixes together from various producers in the fam, re-packaged it with some fantastic new artwork from Nottingham’s own Rikki Marr and put it on bandcamp as a free download (which includes the video in the download package).

The video was shot and directed by Christian West, and features Undali’s Cuntstubble Laggins,¬†Wyt Fang and our boy Kai Owens.

1000 Biros… artwork from NemX

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“One man. One thousand biros. No mistakes.”

It’s not just the music that we pour our creativity into, check these pics from our very own NemX. Mainly portraits of friends, drawn using nothing but biro pens, a painstaking eye for detail and nerves of steel. If these tickle your fancy, watch this space, we’ll be putting up more 1000 Biro posts in due course. Or if you would like to get your own portrait done give Nem a shout, at: