1000 Biros… artwork from NemX

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“One man. One thousand biros. No mistakes.”

It’s not just the music that we pour our creativity into, check these pics from our very own NemX. Mainly portraits of friends, drawn using nothing but biro pens, a painstaking eye for detail and nerves of steel. If these tickle your fancy, watch this space, we’ll be putting up more 1000 Biro posts in due course. Or if you would like to get your own portrait done give Nem a shout, at:




‘…A Prelude’ for free-dude!

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In case you haven’t already heard, we have decided to give away our 2007 debut album ‘… A Prelude’ absolutely free!!! Not a penny, nor a sausage not even a thank you is required (though thank you’s are always welcome!). However, if you’re one of those good souls (/nutters) who still prefer to pay for your music, the album is available from iTunes and I think there may even still be some original CD copies (collectors item don’t you know?) on sites like Suspect Packages. Or just follow the link below to get it for free!!!!

Still need some convincing? Don’t just take our word for it, see what the press thought:

“On this pin-sharp debut album, their hard work is self-evident. Stepping from a refreshingly different angle”


“this crew are destined for greatness.”


“DefDFires are evidence of the dangers of generalisation…with lyrical content that knock the spots off many other rappers with their intelligence, humour and originality and beats to match.”


“DefDFires tell their street stories as storybook fables, over bustling boom-bap brushed with folk and psychedelic caginess… the intensity of the North London crew’s murkier moments will impress.”


“Some welcome imagination… Check for DefDFires if cinematic sounds and huge production values tickle your fancy.


“bringing some refreshing drama and lyrical content to the game.”


“wasn’t really feeling it I’m Afraid”


Mike, Camera, Action!

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People often say to us:

“Hey DefDFires, your photos are so cool, ones where you’re eating cakes and that, and painting your faces. How do you do it?”

And we say:

Mike Massaro

Mike is a freelance photographer and old school friend of ours (literally), he has been snapping for almost as long as I can remember, is a member of the band formerly known as Mammoth Fortress, and has arranged exhibitions and events for the elusiveLefto collective.  After many dedicated years of photographing underground gigs and festivals Mike developed a keen eye for capturing live bands (if you’re performing I strongly recommend you check the ‘music performance’ section of his website – link below), as well as creative promotional shots. He shoots far more than just music, and of late the inevitable has occurred and Mike’s phone has been blowing up with requests for all sorts of jobs. Mike is available for parties, weddings, tea and cakes, warehouse raves, promo shots, road trips and much more…

Check him out at:




‘Being Watched’ – free download!!!

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“Well that’s just ridiculous,

It’s all a conspiracy innit?

These civil infringements are only in place to insure the safety and stability of our society as a whole.

It’s not an infringement on our civil liberties,

I’ve got nothing to hide…”

… Yeah right mate, you and the rest of the horse blinded, fear addicted zombies.

Whose un-wavering belief in an omnipresent system allows them to be painted into corners, divided into social categories and studied like a herd of cloned sheep.

The same fuckers who think that freedom and liberty are two different things, that one could be sacrificed for the other; that they don’t exist as basic human rights, but as archaic offerings to false gods in drab suits and fancy ties.

Who bellow orders from behind painted veils and iron curtains, wizards of Oz and witches of the west, constantly reminding the flying monkeys who they live for, who they die for and work for.

Lengthening the reach of their gaze with a thousand eyes, constantly multiplying, always watching, for your protection.

Never ceasing, unless of course, innocent men get blasted eight times in the head on tube trains, or bombs blow up buses.

There are more CCTV cameras in London than anywhere else and I don’t feel any safer.

I don’t remember anybody telling me to sign any document, or filing some application or waiting in a queue at some fucking post office to grant permission for me to be filmed three hundred times a day.

Can you honestly say that you feel safer in the knowledge that every inch of your city is being filmed by some mechanical eyes poking their spiky lenses into everything you do?

That bad things won’t happen because the man in the shiny box said the great steel eyes will always watch over you, and that they fend off evil and desperate souls who threaten the very fabric of our way of life.

Praise be the ever watching, all knowing, ever loving, ever growing great spheres of vigilance.

Thank you for averting 7/7.

Thank you for showing me the true nature of the pentagons destroyed west wing.

Thank you for being there when de Menezes lost his life to trigger happy pigs, high on propaganda and job dissatisfaction.

And thank you for bringing those responsible to justice, of course.

Does their presence make you feel safer? Or just remind you that there’s a higher power at work? Scattering symbolic references of its boundless power across the land, like a valley of crucifixes, or the totems of some other primitive deity.

What do you think?

Does anyone have anything to say about it?

Nemesis X

If you feel strongly about any of the points raised in the track, follow the links to take the discussion further:




We’re also interested in getting any visual feedback, artists or anyone with video ideas, get at us.



B-B-B-Babble In My Earhole…

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More freebies…

Here’s an old remix of our not-exactly-on ‘A Prelude’ track ‘Stop The Clock’, chopped and twisted courtesy Manic. It was done ages ago, before the album I think, but we only heard it a couple of years back. Hope you enjoy.

For all the audiophiles out there, there’s the original too… this full version was also not included on “A Prelude”!!

Big love.


ENGAGE VIRUS – Free Download!!!

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In keeping with the festive spirit, we give you “Engage Virus” – An EXCLUSIVE Tales From The Cabin download (…not an S.T.D!!). “Engage Virus” isn’t going to feature on “O:ZN”, this is a track we made specially for you, for joining us at our new blog.

…and if you’re lucky, next week we might give you an “O:ZN” preview – but only if you’re good, we’re making a list and checking it twice!!