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In 2009 our very own Prymary Source (or Bill Daggs) and JJ Mumbles began work on a project together, but sadly and classically the files were lost due to a hard drive failure. In 2012 Daggs was happy to find the initial rough versions and has decided to share them as a free download, enjoy!


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Paragons Of Goodness is a collaborative effort from long time defdfiliates Greg Blackman and Nathan Wacey, their first official release The Edge Of Winter features a whole host of dope MC’s including Bill Daggs on the track Moving On, which available for free download from the POG bandcamp page. Keep your eyes peeled for more stuff from the POG camp – they’re definitely one to watch.

DDF Merch Available Now!!!


A few of you have got in touch recently asking where you can buy the lovely new DDF tees that we’ve been rocking in all our new photos/at gigs etc. It gives us great pleasure to announce that the T-Shirts are available from the Emerging Species store, or you can buy them directly from the DDF bandcamp page and you’ll get a free download of O:ZN too! Gotta give a shout to the good folks over at THTC for helping us out with printing, and as usual with THTC products you can expect the garms to be of high quality. Stocks have been flying off the shelves already so order yours now to avoid disappointment; and looking really uncool at the next DDF gig.


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A series of short podcasts we dropped weekly up to the release to tease and tantalise, each podcasts features skits we recorded and a sneak peak of an O:ZN track at the end. We felt that these podcasts helped build an image of the world O:ZN is set in, they’re also a bloody good laugh. You can find all the podcasts on our mix cloud page.

“DDF will rise from the grave for the comeback…”

DDF Archives, Music, O:ZN, Releases

It’s been a while since we left you, we’re sorry we left you…

In case you’re not aware O:ZN IS OUT NOW and we have finally emerged from our underground lair. A lot has happened in the last year, so please bare with us as we bring you up to speed…

If you’re curious as to exactly what happened during our time in the hideout, you should check:


Current Status On DDF


This is just a note to inform the readers of this blog that DDF are currently locked away in the Cabin, putting the finishing touches to their new album “O:ZN”, due for release this October on Emerging Species.

Despite refusing to disclose much about the nature of the album (or make any contact with the world at all), they have sent us a link to the ‘O:ZN LOG’.

For now this our only way of keeping in touch with our friendly neighborhood DefDFires, though readers are warned that the groups mental state seems to have deteriorated somewhat during the recording process…

Lets hope they make it out in one piece.